• JSC KMPO was founded in 1931 and is one of the largest machine building enterprises in Russia

  • Since 2005, JSC KMPO is a serial manufacturer of gas pumping units

  • JSC KMPO implements projects on designing, manufacturing and supplying the main and auxiliary equipment of compressor stations "on a turn-key basis" taking into account all customer requirements

  • Gas turbine engines of the new generation produced by JSC KMPO meet modern requirements of ecology, fuel efficiency and operational reliability

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Lean manufacturing


  • The projects were launched within the framework of the IV stage of the general plan implementation - localization of production according to the product principle: "Organization of blade production sites on the basis of workshop number 5", "Organization of production sites for shafts, rings and disks based on workshop number 11", "Organization of production sites for parts and assemblies on the basis of workshop number 6 ";

  • The project "Planning Improvement " introduced new tasks for the implementation of software with the use of PAK for the operational monitoring of machining in production workshops;



  • In December the project in shop number 18 "Implementation of a pulling system using kanban cards at the assembly site of VC-2500 units" was successfully closed. In the framework of the project, losses were reduced that reduced time, not creating a value of 1.5 times, tare kanbans, launch kanbans, Heidzunka scoreboards, standardized fitter's workplaces;

  • At the final stage is the project "Improvement of repair production". The goal of the project is to complete the work on creating repair flows of parts and assemblies with their localization in one package.

  • Work continues on the project "Improving Planning". The aim of the project is to develop a system for planning and organizing production on the principles of stretching with the use of supermarkets.

  • In December 2016 reached a monthly planned level of 100% to develop the elements of 5C from 19 production and support units - 7 units, more than 90% - 7 units, more than 80% - 3 units, more than 70% - 2 units.

  • On tool-distributing pantry reached a monthly planned level of 100% for the development of elements of 5C - 14 units of 18.

  • On TRM (general maintenance of equipment), small production groups have been established in 14 production and support units. There are journals on maintenance of equipment on 66 units of equipment, 11 types of equipment are covered.

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