• JSC KMPO was founded in 1931 and is one of the largest machine building enterprises in Russia

  • Since 2005, JSC KMPO is a serial manufacturer of gas pumping units

  • JSC KMPO implements projects on designing, manufacturing and supplying the main and auxiliary equipment of compressor stations "on a turn-key basis" taking into account all customer requirements

  • Gas turbine engines of the new generation produced by JSC KMPO meet modern requirements of ecology, fuel efficiency and operational reliability

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Metallurgical complex

Computer modeling of casting processes

Using the system of automated modeling of casting processes, it is possible to carry out testing of technological casting regimes and to adjust the geometric parameters of LPS in a computer environment (virtually), without making a tooling and an experimental batch of castings.

The main purpose of the system is to identify internal and external defects (shrinkage cavities, microporosity) for given geometric and technological parameters.




Non-ferrous castings

In the casting workshop, chill casting, pressure casting and sandy-clay molds casting produce simple and complex configurations of castings from pure metals and alloys based on aluminum and magnesium, for example, from alloys such as AK9h, AK7C, AK5M2, magnesium alloys such as ML5, МL5pch, ML9


Aluminium based alloys

Chill casting Dimensions, mm - 450×450×400
Weight – up to 150 kg
Pressure casting Dimensions, mm - 250×150
Weight – up to 0,5 kg
Casting in sandy-clay molds Dimensions, mm – Ø1500×550
Weight – up to 200 kg


Magnesium based alloys

Chill casting   Dimensions, mm - 300
Weight – up to 15 kg
Casting in sandy-clay molds   Dimensions, mm – Ø650×350
Weight – up to 100 kg



Investment casting

The equipment of the investment casting workshop with induction melting furnaces IST-0.06, IST-0.16 for case steel casting allows to obtain a wide range of castings with dimensions up to 400x200x350 mm and weight up to 60 kg.

The site of casting of heat-resistant alloys on a nickel base is equipped with UPFF-3M, PMP-2,4, vacuum-melting complex of ALD company for manufacturing workpieces with a height of up to 500 mm and weight up to 100 kg



Die forging

1. Forging

Equipment: steam hammer 3 tf

Weight of the resulting workpieces: up to 150 kg


2. Stamping (including precise stamping of GTE blades)

Equipment: hammer forging 5 tf, crank press 4000 tf, electromotive press 2300 tf

Weight of the resulting workpieces: up to 50 kg


3. Rolled (solid rolled) rings

Equipment: Rolling machine

Dimensions and weight of the resulting workpieces: diameter up to 1600 mm, weight up to 150 kg


4. Welded rings

Dimensions of the resulting workpieces: diameter up to 1600 mm

Nomenclature of materials for production:

- titanium alloys

- high-temperature alloys and steels

- stainless, alloyed steel and alloys

- aluminum alloys



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