• JSC KMPO was founded in 1931 and is one of the largest machine building enterprises in Russia

  • Since 2005, JSC KMPO is a serial manufacturer of gas pumping units

  • JSC KMPO implements projects on designing, manufacturing and supplying the main and auxiliary equipment of compressor stations "on a turn-key basis" taking into account all customer requirements

  • Gas turbine engines of the new generation produced by JSC KMPO meet modern requirements of ecology, fuel efficiency and operational reliability

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Employee’s health concern is an essential part of the company’s social program. Large attention is paid to sport which has been always in favor of company workers. Sport traditions have been kept here throughout many decades. Annually the summer and winter sport games - Spartakiads are held at Company with participation of over 80% of physical culture teams. Teams compete in various sports: mini-football, volleyball, ping-pong, chess, athletics, skiing, cross-country, sports festivals.

Whereat KMPO teams many times became participants and winners at district-wise, city and republic championships and tournaments, including competitions within all-city Spartakiads “Sport in Kazan”, “Russian Ski Run”.  

Efforts to involve the company workers and their family members in regular fitness and sports, promotion of healthy lifestyle is the mission of the “Motor” sports club.



Remarkable Events


  • KMPO teams won the first prizes in chess and checks at the championship of Republic Committee “Profavia”. 
  • First individual chess championship with participation of employees at KMPO.
  • 1st team place in ping-pong tournament held within Spartakiad of aviation industry enterprises and organizations in Tatarstan. 
  • KMPO team was third among the working youth teams in the republic volleyball tournament.



  • 3rd place in Profavia mini-football tournament in memory of V.Surkov.
  • 2nd place in chess and ping-pong amongst service industry and production sector enterprises in the republic championship between trade unions within spartakiad “Health-2015”.  
  • 2nd place in swimming in competitions «Sport in Kazan-2015»  
  • 1st place in ping-pong, 2nd place in athletics, 3rd place in darts at trade union competition between working youth and students.  
  • All-Russian GTO (Ready for Labor and Defense) sports and health program standards completed at 55-th company spartakiad between employees. 



  • 1st place in ping-pong among teams of industrial enterprises and large/medium business companies within Spartakiad «Sport in Kazan».
  • KMPO team is the Striker minor cup bronze medalist among the amateur teams of 1st and 2nd league.
  • KMPO was first in athletics and won the Republic Trade Unions Federation Cup within Spartakiad “Health-2014” among service industry and production sector teams.  In Spartakiad of working youth and students of Tatarstan within “Profavia”’s combined team KMPO sportsmen won the II place.



III place in athletic competitions within Spartakiad “Health 2013” among the teams of Tatarstan’s service industries.


Company gained its own mini-football team “Motor KMPO”. Made up of company’s sportsmen the team has been participating in Kazan city championships. The idea of the home-team belongs to KMPO’s young employees.


The 50-th anniversary spartakiad of the Company is held with participation of over thousand of motor-builders and their family members as ever. 


KMPO’s combined team is awarded with  “Profavia” Republic Committee Crystal Cup. 


KMPO is an organizer of the visit of Kostya Tszyu, phenomenal Russian boxer, to Kazan. The outstanding sportsman held a masterclass for 18 “Motor” sport club trainees.


Sport club “Motor” is declared as the best in the republic and awarded with 1st place diploma by the Physical Culture and Sports Committee College of the Republic of Tatarstan. 


At USSR III winter spartakiad the sport club is awarded with the USSR Sports Committee Crystal Cup.


The team is awarded with a title “Sport club” by the Resolution of Trade-Union VSS All-Union Council Presidium for its strong performance in physical culture and sport development. Presently it is called FSC “Motor”.


Start of annual summer and winter games – spartakiads – in 7-8 sports.


Kazan Motor Building Plant’s team of physical culture is registered in the “Trud” VSS Tatar Regional Council. Number of sportsmen was 2400.




Since first days of the enterprise there have formed the team of sportsmen-enthusiasts. Ski racing, athletics, volleyball, football, checks, chess, wrestling, shooting were the most popular sports. 

In the mid-1940s bicycling and skating classes were formed where 19 USSR masters of sports have been trained. In 1948 the works team of athletes took part in All-Russian spartakiad. 

In 1952 gym building #1 for works sportsmen was built in Leningradskaya street of Aviastroitelny district of Kazan. Soon afterwards a football field opened, and in 1954 an ice rink with grand stands was built. 

Year of 1955 – under the guidance of Vladimir Goldin a trainer-volunteer the “SC named after Uritsky” works hockey team was created. It served as the origin for the future Russian champion “Ak Bars” hockey club. For over 45 years the works had supported the world-known club which from the level of city team reached to Olympus. 

Works teams of volleyball, hockey, bicycling, football, shooting, skating, athletics, checks and chess, tourism, Greco-roman style and free style wrestling rated as the top-rank teams in the city, Tataria and “Trud” VSS Central Council. Alexey Christoforov, shop 35 gage maker, having been grown and trained as the works sportsman, was the second in Russia competitions in 1957, and the first in the team who became the USSR Master of Sports for Greco-Roman wrestling.  

The works sport team was awarded with “Trud” VSS Tatar Council Red Challenge Banner in 1960 for high performance in sports. While also the first united spartakiad between work shops and departments was held to further become a yearly event. 

Under the guidance of selected in 1962 N. Ivashkin Chairman of the VSS Council works sport team reached the leading positions in the city and republic. Many titles and prizes awarded to works sportsmen, trainers and the sports club in general. 

In 1963 the enterprise’s VSS is named as “Sports club named after Uritsky”. In 1995 it is renamed to fitness and sports club “Motor”.

In 1970 the sports club is forwarded with “Zenit” VSS Tatar Council Red Challenge Banner for eternal possession for its high performance in sports.

At III USSR winter spartakiad in 1973 the sports club is awarded with the USSR Sports Committee Crystal Cup, and since 1998 sports club “Motor” has been the highest rated in the Republic of Tatarstan, awarded with the Cup and 1st place diploma. Presently in the club museum one can observe 3 Red Banners forwarded to club for eternal possession, huge number of pennants, diplomas and cups.  

Since 1993 the sports club had been led by Viktor Kuznetsov.

Since 2007 the club chairman is Farkhat Khairullin.

Among club’s trainees are 2 world record-breakers, 7 world champions and prize-winners, 5 world-class masters of sport, 9 European champions and winners, 86 Russian champions and winners, 162 USSR and Russia masters of sport.

Now there are 28 fitness groups at the Company. KMPO Cup mini-football and volleyball tournaments are held as ever with participation of 15 football teams, 18 men’s and 14 women’s volleyball teams. 

Apart from participation in works spartakiads and tournaments, motor builders are the holders of the Aviation Industry Trade-Union Spartakiad Cup. Combined team Profavia 90% composed of KMPO employees won the 1st place among republic trade-union teams in 2011.  

Annual review-contest for the best organization of physical culture, sports and recreational activities between company departments are held at KMPO. Winners are awarded with prizes and money rewards. 



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